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 Post subject: Max Headroom 1987 Pirate TV Incident
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:46 pm 
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well this is very old news, but it's new to me, and i reckon for most other people here.

right...what you're all about to witness is a genuine pirate broadcast which happened on a big USA television network way back in 1987, and is likely still infamous throughout the USA. it's about as freakingly absurd like watching it on acid, amazing use of corrugated roofing metal..and what's more the culprits were never caught :shock:

Pirate broadcast begins with:

"That does it, he's a freakin' nerd"

"Yeah, I think I'm better than Chuck Swirsky."

"Freakin' liberal"

"Oh, Jesus."

(Distorted speech. Hijacker shows audience a Pepsi cola can. Note: The Max Headroom character was a product icon for the Coca Cola company at the time).

"Yeah . . . catch the wave."

(Hijacker throws can away; distorted words and moaning)

"Your love is fading."

(Hijacker laughs, then begins to hum the theme song to the 1959 Clutch Cargo show)

"I stole CBS," or "I still see the X" (or possibly) "I stole some DX." (DX is a broadcast signal).

(Hijacker continues to hum Clutch Cargo theme)

"Oh, my piles."

(Hijacker laughs and moans)

"Oh, I just laid a giant masterpiece for all the greatest world's newspaper nerds."

(Hijacker laughs and moans; is seen putting an old glove or baseball mitt on his hand)

"My brother is wearing the other one, it's dirty."

(Pulls glove off and tosses it away. More distorted words. Pirate video then switches to scene of hijacker with his pants down, being spanked with a flyswatter by a disguised female).

"They're coming to get me!"

"Come get me, bitch."

(Hijacker screams)

"Oh, do it!"

(Hijacker screams)

Pirate broadcast ends and the Doctor Who show resumes with the words, "As far as I can tell, a massive electric shock, he died instantly!"

The News Bulletins

you can read more about it here :lol:


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